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I want to dance under the moonlight in the pouring rain,

Your arms around me melt away all of the pain.

If you could see my mind it would certainly be bliss,

All of this joy and love and happiness.

My heart so happy and filled with love,

It seems as though you were sent from the Heavens above.

An angel with wings as white as snow,

A halo so brilliantly glows.

Skin so soft and smooth,

Like marble with a hint of rouge.

I wish the clock would freeze in mid-strike,

Allowing me to be with you as long as I like.

I bid my goodbye’s in a sad, sad way.

My lips tremble, my eyes fill, but I have no words to say.

Finally, a tear dangles off my cheek,

But I look away, I fear it makes me look weak.

But as you grab my hands and tell me you love me,

It opens my eyes and lets me see.

First, the obvious, you are from above,

Second, the truth, you are my true love.

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